Men who can manage men manage the men who can manage only things and the men who can manage money manage all.

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  1. Bio

    My name is Bhaskar, and I am an Equity Trader by profession. I practice photography as a medium to express my emotions and achieve catharsis. I believe that art is very personal and despise the notion that "everything is art."

    My inspirations for projects come from myriads of subjects such as psychoanalysis, sex, love, loneliness, and existence. I work on long-term projects as it provides ample time to experience, think & work naturally.

    The literary works of Albert Camus, Freud, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky have been my guide in my approach to photography. I expect my work to invoke a strong emotion and abide with you in your memory for some time. You may contact me on my e-mail id to strike a conversation about my work, philosophy, psychoanalysis, trading, photography, and anything else.

  2. Contact

    Hello (at) bhaskarsancheti (dot) com